True mustang guys, 2 questions

Do you find offensive putting an Ls motor in a mustang? Do you think if you put an Ls motor in your mustang, are you a true Ford Mustang guy? Thank you for your input

Fastest time with cobra intake?

Hello, I would like to know how fast did you go with a cobra intake, I myself went 11.00s @125 mph with non ported cobra intake twisted wedge and vortech v2 s-trim. A lot of people think that the cobra intake plain sucks

For Sale 409 Taylor Spark Plug wires NIB

Selling a set of new 409 Taylor wires. Asking 100 shipped

For Sale Comp Cams Valve Springs 925-16

Selling a set of Comp Cams Valve Springs. New in box . 100 shipped. Info on Springs is in picture.

89 Fox Kenne Bell Air to Air Intercooler

Inspired by 92rohcp, I too began my venture in intercooling my Kenne Bell. Supporting mods are in my signature. Here are a couple of pics to help others out. And the grand question of all time, "How much HP?" .... Put down 385 rwhp and 420 rwtq on 4.5 pounds of boost prior to going to the PiMP...

For Sale proform electric fan

Have a proform electric fan has no wiring controller mounted to fan can be ran with switch, temp, or ignition. Had it in my car last year. Going a different route cooled my 306 very well. 50$ +shipping

pump vs fuel line

hello i have a turbo 347 and the trouble is my fuel pressure is dropping dramatically during boost limiting power ect. the fuel system is an aeromotive a1000 pump feeding -8an lines to a y-block 1 -8an fuel line from the block to rails and back through the regulator with a -6an return line. 80lb...

For Sale 4.6 Carrillo Rods

4.6 FORD MODULAR BULLET RODS - Stock length Rods are supplied with WMC H-11 Tool steel bolts, have a C-C length of 5.932, with Big End Hone of 2.2394, and Pin End Hone of 0.8672 for a total weight of 613 grams. Rated for 1100 HP by Carrillo. CP-CARRILLO INTRODUCES HIGH-PERFORMANCE 4.6 FORD...

S475/480 or PTE 7675

Just dropped off my hot side to get ceramic coated and next thing I'll be pulling the trigger on is the turbo. I was about 90% set on a CEA 7675 .96AR but lately I've been talking to some guys who rave about BW turbos. My goal is 750-800rwhp through a 2v auto. Does anybody have any thoughts or...

For Sale 99-04 Rear LCA's (Stock & Aftermarket)

Set of stock 2003 Mach 1 Lower Control Arms. Used for approximately 20k miles. Asking $50 Set of lower control arms with urethane bushings, rear sway bar brackets, 9/16" bushings. Made by Spence @ Rhodes (Rhodes Custom Auto - Rhodes Custom Auto ( Used for...

Transmission help

Hello everyone. I need some advice..again lol I'm in need of a trans I was originally looking at a tko 600 but have been getting scurd by the shifting issues everyone is having. I'm building a 408 stroker expecting around 550 ftlbs at the flywheel maybe more. Now I'm considering a g force t5 for...

Gt40p turbo manifold/headers?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes gt40p headers or manifolds. Just seeing what's out there.

For Sale New Vortech 6 rib crank and drive

New Vortech 6" 6 rib crank, 3.33 drive with belt and tensioner pulley. $100 shipped PM or text 630-746-5153

WTB 79-86 door pull clips

I converted my 90 to manual windows and have door panels from an 86. I cannot find the proper clips to secure the door pull to the door. If anyone has some I need a complete set driver and passenger. Long shot, but thanks in advance!

Fuel Tank Vent

Hi guys I have a 1991 mustang GT with a Dart 363. My A/F is to lean at WOT; 16+. The carb shop in CA built the carb for me with the needed information to dyno the carb. Jets are 74 fr and 84 rear, PCV is 6.5. The shop says those jets will support up to 900 hp. That's great but my hp is 513...

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